Colors of red island
Claudio Scolari | Principal Records (2010)

By Francois Couture March 03, 2012

Colors of Red Island revolves around a duo of percussionists. However, it’s more than that, since Claudio Scolari also plays flute, piano, and synthesizers. And his partner Daniele Cavalca (who co-wrote most of the tracks) is often heard on vibes and also plays bass. Simone Scolari occasionally adds a trumpet line. Colors of Red Island delivers World Beat music with complex multiple influences, however the music itself is accessible, easy-going, and often atmospheric (velvety jazz, delicate impressionism, etc.). It’s a long and long-winded album (79 minutes), but listen to it in two or three sittings, and you fall under its spell and, paradoxically, you will feel how much Scolari has a good sense of restraint.