Dreams And Emotions Of City
Claudio Scolari | Principal Records (2007)

By Wilbert Sostre 03-06-2011

Italian drummer and pianist Claudio Scolari is the kind of composer that paints images and creates different moods with his music. On his 2007 release, Dreams and Emotions of City, Scolari describes the atmosphere of what we assume is his city. Notice the word city in the title of almost every track on the album.

There is not a lot of improvisations here, the emphasis is on Scolari vision and compositions. Scolari's music has a cinematic feel, the kind of music one can imagine playing as a part of a movie scene. "Void in the City", "City Man", City of the Future" and "Dreams and Emotins of City" are perfect example of that cinematic sound. In some tracks like "Caos of the Town" the groove is almost mechanical, maybe trying to describe the mechanical sounds of every modern city.

Martina Gianotti adds the chant-like the vocals in track "City Woman". There is also the country music rhythms of "Colors and Lights in the City", the moderate funk of "Brigitte on the Bed" and blues/rock feel of "Calatrava's Bridge", maybe in reference to spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

Tracks: Dreams and Emotions of City, Caos of the Town, Calatrava's Bridge, Void in the City, City Man, Colors and lights in the City, City Woman, Silence in the City, Walk out in the City, Drums of City, City of the Future, Brigitte on the Bed.

Musicians: Claudio Scolari - drums, percussion, synthesizer. Donnie Romano - guitar. Simone Scolari - trumpet. Martina Gianotti - vocals