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Colors of red island
Claudio Scolari | Principal Records (2010)

By Jouko Kirstilä October 16, 2011

Cool, beautiful, artistic spiritual, luxuriant, peaceful and adaptable to fine ears of the listener's pleasure. This is the first impression of this Claudio Scolari already published in the spring of last year's 79 minute CD Colors of Red Island. He's the band leader, and this is his fifth album. Landscape of the first A is passed for sixteen years, so he did not see no rush to production ratio. Scolari is a versatile musician who plays drums on this album, along with flute, piano and synthesizers. Cavalca Daniele is responsible for nearly as large arsenal - he plays the second drums part along with the vibraphone and electric bass. There's also Claudio's son on the trumpet:  Simone Scolari. Disc play progresses, therefore, a very curious composition, but all the more interesting the two drummers and a trumpeter musicians.