Featured Artist: Sandro Animini & Claudio Scolari

CD Title: Landskap Live 2001

Year: 2001
Record Label: Independent
Style: Contemporary Jazz
Musicians: Claudio Scolari, percussion. Sandro Animini, piano, keyboards.

Review: This CD came to me with no introduction, no titles, no flyers and no promotional material, and thus, was a total surprise when I listened to it. It is charming, it is intricate, and it carries a sweet jazzy feeling for those who listen to the piano work of Sandro Animini and the percussion work of Claudio Scolari.

The title is LANDSKAP LIVE 2001 and it is well worth your time to listen to. A very inventive collection of songs, it seems it starts playing only to conclude all too soon.

This collection weaves its own spell, and it is one you will enjoy. No listing of the original songs was given on the CD or case it arrived with.

This brilliant collection of material will remind jazz listeners of the some of the finest of the jazz music found in the old coffee houses of the late 1950s, music that makes sense, has melody, and is inventive in its handling of jazz motifs. The piano and percussion work is flawless. Very nice!

Reviewed by: Lee Prosser