Featured Artist: Claudio Scolari

CD Title: Reflex
Year: 2004
Record Label: Principal Records
Style: World Music

Musicians: Claudio Scolari (drums, percussion, samplers, synth, voice), Martina Gianotti (voice), Sandro Animini (pianoforte)

Review: This is not your typical jazz CD and perhaps that is a good thing. Percussionist Claudio Scolari’s Reflex CD is an experiment in electronic music that borrows conceptually from world music and jazz, as well as electronic ambient music. The compositions are strong, and the willingness to experiment electronically is a much-needed shot in the arm for experimental jazz music. Jazz purists might scoff at the notion of electronics and jazz, but this is a wide-open avenue of future exploration and I believe the jazz genre is more than accommodating for composers willing to take a risk on exploring new media. What makes this CD even more interesting is that Scolari’s background is in classical music, thus his percussion style is never overstated, and is always complimentary of the music at hand. So with that in mind, along with his active interest in jazz and avant-garde music, there is no prescribed course besides curiosity and evolving tastes that necessary led him to make this CD. From top to bottom, this is an enjoyable CD that opens many doors for those tempted to enter the mesh and wires of electronics and jazz.

Tracks: In The Clouds, Every Were, From Dawn To Dusk, Glacier, Lille, Deep Blue, Mildness, A Mountain Pass, Noise In The Dark, To Love Mirca, Reflex, The Shades Of Night, Vera, Tristezza, Tetralogy, Landskap Jazz

Reviewed by: Michael Casano