Dreams And Emotions Of City
Principal Records SCSV03
MAY 2007
Experimental Italian composer and drummer/ percussionist/ pianist Claudio Scolari has come up with a set that should certainly intrigue and fascinate the more (or very!) broad-minded blues lover. Whilst some tracks seem to owe almost everything to contemporary classical music or free form jazz, and some are poems, music that sets a mood and creates images in the listener’s mind, some are jazzy in a Duke Ellington or Miles Davis kind of way thanks to the trumpet playing of Simone Scolari. The closing number is almost – almost - conventional jazz-funk. Several feature the unfettered electric blues playing of guitarist Donnie Romano, who can play sweet and melodic (try ‘City Man’) or out-and –out blues-rock (take a listen to ‘Calatrava’s Bridge’ or ‘Walk Out In The City’) . This may not be the kind of thing you’ll play over and over again but it is certainly intriguing and a different use of blues shadings. Claudio obviously does not believe in playing it safe!

Norman Darwen