Claudio Scolari
Title: The My Fourteen Songs
Label: Principal Records PRCS-62
September / 2006

Claudio divides his career into two distinct halves, on the one hand, as a graduate of the A. Bolto music college in Parma, Italy; he spends a good deal of time as a classical percussionist and drummer; performing at one time or another with the symphonic and philharmonic orchestras of Parma, Italian-Swiss Radio, Turin, Venice and Verona. On the other, he composes and plays works that are firmly established in the avant-garde / jazz fusion arena.

On this album Claudio plays drums, percussion and synthesiser, with the collaboration of the extremely talented guitarist Donnie Romano who also, lends his vocal statements to the proceedings. They together, bring these ideas and musical musings to fruition.
Claudio has gained experience of the many musical differences that inhabit the contemporary music world, when he has, in the past worked with such artists as; Bono, Joe Cocker, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Tracy Chapman, Pavarotti, Deep Purple and Queen.

Whilst individually composed by Claudio to stand alone, the numbers seem to merge together and form a single musical entity which creates a background tapestry of percussive and synthesised mellow undulating aural movements. One is reminded of the image of passing clouds on a slightly breezy day. These continually evolving sound formations are interspersed with snatches of familiar guitar riffs ranging from cool mellow jazz intricacies right the way through to heavy metal and hard rock interjections which have the effect of unexpected lightning strikes on a sunny day.

Unless you enjoy mellow possibly ambient mood music containing sharp musical points from different ends of the musical spectrum this album is very difficult to recommend ( I would strongly urge you to listen online first if you can) but if you do, then this album is well worth a listen.
Brian Harman